Erin Hill

Erin is the Branches of Wellness’ Program Director/Owner. She is a gifted, compassionate, and nurturing yoga instructor and energy worker. Through her classes and practices, Erin encourages people to embrace themselves where they are today, move at their own pace down their chosen path, and smile while they discover their wonderfulness and potential. Erin was led to yoga and Reiki in the early 2000s, as they were her path to healing from systemic and discoid lupus erythmetosis. In 2006, she received her Master level Reiki certification from Carol J. Spears, and went on to receive her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher certification from T.R.Y. 4 Life in 2008. She is also registered with Yoga Alliance. Her teaching style has been influenced by Shiva Rea, Jennifer Kries, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Spirit, to name a few. Presently, she is a yoga instructor, Usui Reiki Master and practitioner, energy worker, and dance educator. She believes that moving energy will initiate and promote healing, balance and joy whether it is through yoga, dance, Reiki, meditation, shamanistic healing, and/ or prayer. "As we practice listening to our body's voice and where it tells us to go or stay, we reestablish trust between the mind and body, laying the foundation for our own unique path to healing." Since receiving her certifications, Erin has taught many different styles yoga and dance in the Lake County area at the Fairport Dance Academy, Branches of Wellness, the Fairport Senior Center, and local school districts. She also shares the amazing healing art of Reiki through in-depth yearly Reiki trainings. To meet the curiosity of the ever-growing wellness community, Erin presents educational discussions on yoga and Reiki at Lake Erie College and local health and wellness events. "We are all in the same boat...Me, You and Everyone Else. We are not sinking if we all believe we are afloat. Let's float. "

Erin Hill instructs the following:
  • AM Yoga
  • Come and wake up with us!

    AM yoga is open to all students who would like to start the day off with an energizing, rejuvenating yoga practice. Class styles may vary from week to week exploring hatha yoga, gentle flow, Tibetan yoga, breathwork, and meditation.

  • Brain Balance Yoga
  • This class explores movement therapy techniques geared to reduce anxiety, stress, and overwhelm while helping the brain to process anger, grief, trauma and other difficult emotions and old negative beliefs about the self, all through specific movements and breath-work. The practice also incorporates exercises to promote healthy development and aging in the brain. The foundation of this class comes from BrainDance by Anne Green Gilbert and other yoga and wellness practices.

  • Chakra Yoga
  • A chakra can be defined as a spinning vortex or "wheel" of energy.  In this gentle yoga class we will take a journey through our seven key energy centers and bring awareness to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual functions. We may explore postures, breathing, sounds, colors, and more! Come experience the colorful magic of your true nature! All levels are welcome.

  • Instinct Session 4: Hozho (Navajo Way) and the Return of Soul
  • How to Live in Balance and Beauty
    (May also offer additional 30 min Guided Shamanic Journey in honor of the Winter Solstice for additional Love Donation from 8-8:30 pm)